The Birth of A Star
(Razor & Tie, No. RE 2108-2)

1996 Razor & Tie Entertainment LLC

Issued June 8, 1996

Compilation Produced & Edited By
Mike Ragogna

Editing Engineer: John Kito at Insight Sound
New York, NY

Mastered and Restored By Elliott Federman at
DSW Mastering Studios, New York, NY

Project Coordinator: David Richman
Assistance: Michael Weiner, Terri Cohen
and Meng Meng Lim

Art Direction & Design: Murray Brenman/MBGD
Liner Notes By Rich Kienzle

Licensed From Lost Gold Records, In Conjunction with the Estates of Patsy Cline and Arthur Godfrey


  1.  Intro.
  2.  Walking After Midnight
  3.  Try Again
  4.  Three Cigarettes (In An Ashtray)
  5.  Then You'll Know
  6.  Too Many Secrets
  7.  Come On In (and Make Yourself At Home)
  8.  I Don't Wanta
  9.  Your Cheatin' Heart
10.  Don't Ever Leave Me Again
11.  The Man Upstairs
12.  Stop The World (and Let Me Off)
13.  Down By The Riverside
14.  (Write Me) In Care of the Blues
15.  Ain't No Wheels On This Ship
16.  Hungry For Love
17.  Walkin' Dream
18.  Walking After Midnight
19.  Awards Dialogue


Transcription Recordings From Patsy's Appearances On Arthur Godfrey's
Radio and Television Programs in 1957 and 1958.

A Variation of This CD Was Released In the UK In 1994 As Discovery!

The Tracks On Both CDs Are the Same. However, Different Performances
Were Used For Four of the Tracks: "Three Cigarettes," "Come On In,"
"Ain't No Wheels On This Ship" and "Walkin' Dream."

In Addition, the Dialogue Between Patsy and Arthur Godfrey Differs
Slightly Between the Two CDs.


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