Here are a few answers to questions frequently asked about Patsy and her family. Additional FAQs will be added as needed.

What became of Charlie Dick and the children after Patsy's death?
Charlie, Julie and Randy all continue to live in the Nashville area. After Patsy's death, Charlie himself began a career in the music industry as National Director of Promotion for Starday Records. He has also worked with Hallway Productions, which has produced several video biographies of music personalities, including "The Real Patsy Cline" and "Remembering Patsy." Charlie remarried, in 1965, to singer Jamey Ryan. They had one son, Chip, but later divorced.

Julie is a wife and homemaker, mother of four and grandmother of two. Randy prefers to stay behind the scenes, so not much is known about him. We do understand that he was the drummer for a Nashville area rock band for a time.

Charlie and Julie make regular appearances for Patsy related events, including the annual Labor Day Weekend gathering in Winchester, Virginia. Together, they operate Legacy, Inc., which manages the business side of Patsy's estate.

I want to visit Patsy's grave. Can you tell me how to get there?
Patsy is buried in Shenandoah Memorial Park outside Winchester, Virginia. Take I-81 to Exit #313, US Hwy. 50. If you're coming from the North, turn left off the exit. You will encounter the intersection with US 522. There is a Texas Steakhouse and a Travelodge on the right. Turn right on US 522. If you are coming from the South, the exit ramp makes a cloverleaf directly to the US 50/US 522 Intersection. Continue through the intersection and head South on US 522 for approximately 1 - 1 miles. Shenandoah Memorial Park is on the right.

There are two options available to access the gravesite. Visitors can enter the cemetery proper through the first (North) gate, and turn right on the first driveway. Patsy's grave is at the top of a small hill, next to a memorial stone bench. The grave is usually decorated, making it easy to locate. However, as a courtesy, Shenandoah has placed a directional marker just across the driveway from the gravesite.

Patsy's grave is marked by a simple, flat, bronze marker that reads:

Virginia H. (Patsy Cline) Dick
Death Can Not Kill What Never Dies

Omps Funeral Home, located directly in front of Shenandoah, provides visitors access via a stairway leading from their parking lot to the cemetery drive just across from Patsy's grave. In recent years, this has become the preferred alternative to fans attending the Labor Day Weekend Memorial Service.

Memorials to Patsy within Shenandoah include the North and South entrance gates, built under the direction of Charlie Dick, each containing a plaque dedicating them in Patsy's memory. Also, a 55 ft. memorial bell tower is located in the southeast corner of the cemetery, next to the lake. This is visible from Patsy's grave. A section of US 522, including the portion in front of Shenandoah, has been designated the Patsy Cline Memorial Highway.

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